Real rewards for excellence.
Recognize the people who make your day great with Props
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Giving proper respect for those going above and beyond.

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Be Heard

We all have that one place we love. Tell the world about it and help recognize your baristas, servers, and bartenders that keep you returning again and again.

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Build Real Connections

Connect with the people and businesses you love with encouragement, positive feedback, and recognition for excellent work.

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Real Rewards

Gratitude beyond tips — Whether you earn tips or not, you can always cash in your Props points for real rewards.

“Props reminds me that my work makes a difference every day and helps me connect with my customers on a deeper level. My boss has even started to notice the feedback I was getting and offered me a promotion!”

Jacob Branson


Props for Business

Our unique feedback model helps business owners recognize and reward excellence and build stronger teams.

Build Strong Teams

Foster an environment where individual strengths are celebrated and rewarded

Create Raving Fans

Customer loyalty is longer lasting and more resilient when it’s based on your employees

Grow Your Business

Studies show appreciation increases productivity up to 50% and gratitude increases customer loyalty.

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