Real Rewards for excellence.

Recognize the people who make your day great with Props

Recognize the people who make your day better.


Show the people who make your day how much you appreciate them.


Get Props Points for using the app and trade them in for gift cards!


Share Props with your friends and family so they can show appreciation, too.

For Users ↗

Ever wonder whether that positive Yelp review ever makes it to an individual? How about the last time you gave someone a rating on Google? Turns out, they usually don’t.

We built Props to turn online reviews on their head and make a difference in the lives of all of the front line workers whose excellent work goes unrecognized every day.

With Props, you can recognize the hard work of the people around you, reward them for excellence, and share your favorite people and places with your community.

For Workers ↗

We know how frustrating it can be to work hard day in and day out and never hear a simple “Thank You”.

We built Props so that you can connect with your customers and your coworkers to give and receive the recognition and appreciation we all deserve for a job well done.

Get started making deep connections with your customers and find out how your work is making people’s lives better today with Props!

For Businesses ↗

Like it or not, most businesses rely on online reviews these days. But the disconnect between a business's employees and those reviews can make it difficult to motivate your team to strive for excellence.

With Props, you can build your business’s reputation and let the people who deliver that excellent reputation know how appreciated they are.

“Props reminds me that my work makes a difference every day and helps me connect with my customers on a deeper level. My boss has even started to notice the feedback I was getting and offered me a promotion!”

- Jacob Branson

Props for Business

Our unique feedback model helps business owners recognize and reward excellence and build stronger teams.

Build Strong Teams

Foster an environment where individual strengths are celebrated and rewarded

Create Raving Fans

Customer loyalty is longer lasting and more resilient when it’s based on your employees

Grow Your Business

Studies show appreciation increases productivity up to 50% and gratitude increases customer loyalty.

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