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Props Love, LLC (“Props”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of users of our Service, which includes our website at and the Props Love App. The following sets forth our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applicable to the services. This policy includes a description of (1) what data we collect from you or about you, (2) how we use your data, (3) how we share your data, (4) your control over your data, and (5) how we secure your data.

This Policy may be updated and revised from time to time. Users of the Props Love App will be notified as to updates to this privacy policy with a prompt notifying users a new privacy policy is available, through email, in application update messaging, or a combination of those methods. We will also make the updated privacy policy available on our website.

(1) Data We Collect

The following are categories of data that we collect from you or about you listed by the manner in which we collect them:

(a) Active Collection – Data you provide to us

We may collect data you provide to us when you sign up to open account to use the Service along with identifying information about your account such as its date of creation. This data includes information such as

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Username
  • Profile Image(s) You Upload
  • Workplace(s) - Current and past
  • Address of Workplace(s) (Street, Suite Number, City, State, ZIP Code)
  • Job Title

We may also collect data you enter into the Service while you use it such as Props you send others, messages you send in Props or Props Requests, and Props you report as being against the terms of use and/or user agreement.

(b) Active Collection – Data about you provided by others

We may collect data about you from other users of the Service. We may collect Props others send you, messages others send in Props or Props Requests to you, and reports about Props you gave that another user reports as against the terms of use and/or user agreement. We may also collect information that an employer may provide us relating to your Workplace and job title.

(c) Passive Collection – From your use of the Service
We use Google Firebase Analytics and may collect data about you from your use of the Service such as:

  • Records of reward redemptions and transactions
  • Tokens to identify your device anonymously
  • Traffic and usage data such as length of session, time of day, type of device, and IP location
  • Your interactions with other users such as giving and receiving Prop
  • Ad conversions for app downloads from paid placements on Facebook and Google

(2) How We Use Your Data

We use the data you provide to administer the account and provide the Service. We use aspects of your profile such as name, Workplace, and job title to help others find your profile. This information can also be used to show your association with a current or former employer. Your contact information such as e-mail and phone number may be used to contact you regarding your use of the Service. Data provided about you by others is also used to provide the Service to enable other users to see information like the Props you have received.

Data collected passively such as tokens to identify your device and traffic and usage data, records of rewards, and your interactions with others is used to deliver and improve the service. We use Google and Facebook SDKs to improve advertisement of the Service.

Any of the data we collect may be used to monitor for fraud and to secure the Service. We may analyze the data to identify patterns of fraud or abuse, or when investigating a particular report or instance of suspected violation of the terms of use and/or User Agreement.

We may retain and use de-identified, anonymized, and/or aggregated data that does not contain personally identifiable information for any purpose, such as identifying problems with the Service or planning new features.

(3) How We Share Your Data

The following are categories of your data that we may share, listed by the third parties they may be shared with:

(a) Users of the Service – Aspects of your profile will be shown to other users of the Service to facilitate the operation of the Service. Aspects of your use of the Service, such as your history of giving Props will also be shown to other users.

(b) Service Providers – We may enlist third party service providers to assist us in providing the Service by providing assistance such as storage, maintenance, analysis, payment processing, fraud detection, marketing, etc. Any such service providers will have access to your data solely to the extent necessary to enable them to perform services on our behalf and they will be prohibited from using the personal information for any other purpose.

(c) Legal – We may make disclosures necessary to comply with the law or when we reasonably believe such a disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of our users or others from an imminent threat of harm.

(d) Change in Ownership – If our organization is purchased by, acquired by, or otherwise transferred to another controlling entity, that entity will have the same access and right to continue to use your data. We may share data in preparation or negotiations for such a transfer with appropriate non-disclosure measures in place.

(4) Your Access To And Control Over Your Data

You can access and correct the data you provided to sign up for an account through the Service at any time, including: phone number, email, first name, last name, username, password, name of workplace, job title, workplace address, workplace city, workplace state, and workplace ZIP code. Workplaces can be hidden on a user’s profile, but hidden workplaces will remain a historical part of the user’s account as long as the account remains active. Accounts can be deactivated by contacting the Service by email (, and any Props given to other users will remain visible on those users’ profiles, though the deactivated profile and received Props will no longer function or be visible.

(5) How We Secure Your Data

The Service employs industry standard physical, technical and administrative information security safeguards designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. These safeguards protect against unauthorized access to information by hackers or other third parties who obtain access through illegal means, but we cannot guarantee that data may not be accessed or destroyed by a breach of these safeguards. We use two factor authentication for all users with phone numbers to confirm account information and when changing a password.

Additional Important Information

Do Not Track – The Service uses Google and Facebook SDKs for advertising purposes. Any user who has blocked Google and/or Facebook from tracking them will not be tracked in their use of the Service. To block ad tracking from the Service, disable ad tracking from Google and Facebook.

Use of Cookies – The Props Love website uses cookies for retargeting advertisements via Google or Facebook toward site visitors. The Props Love App does not use cookies.

No Collection from Age 13 and Under – As outlined in the User Agreement the Services are for use only be individuals aged 18 and up. We do not knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information from anyone under 13 years of age. If we become aware that we have unknowingly collected PII from a child under the age of 13, we will make reasonable efforts to delete such information from our records.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy you may contact us:

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