About Props

The Positivity Revolution

Have you ever thought there should be a better way, a direct way, to show gratitude to the people who make your day great through excellent work?

Have you ever wondered if the work you do every gets noticed or makes a difference in anyone's lives? 

Have you ever wondered how you could motivate your team to strive for excellence in their work

We built Props because we experienced all of these nagging questions ourselves and we wanted answers.

What is Props? 

Props is a person-to-person feedback tool for small businesses, their teams, and their customers that's rooted in a simple, but powerful concept: Positivity.

With Props, you can send a simple, positive-only bit of feedback to the worker or co-worker who made your day with their excellent work.

Business owners win with Props, too! With Props, business owners can show off their team's excellent work, align their team with company goals, and easily spot high performers for rewards like bonuses, raises, and promotions.

Gratitude is the attitude.

At Props, we believe that work should work for everyone. We know that gratitude and positivity are the vehicles to achieve our vision and we need you to help us make that vision a reality.

Join us as we work to revolutionize the way small businesses and their teams are recognized, rewarded, and find personal and professional success.

Props to you!

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